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Riggz Hosting & web design

       About Us
   Riggz Hosting and Web Design is located in Marysville, Ohio. and have been providing web hosting, web development, administration, and support services in Ohio and surrounding areas since 1999.

   We are specialized in all areas of web development, web and network administration, and support. We provide professional quality services to our clients at a lower cost than any of our competitors in the field. The hosting service we provide is fast, reliable, and can accommodate the needs of our clients, from a personal website to a large corporation at an affordable price.

   Our company believes small businesses are the core foundation of economic growth and we are dedicated in assisting in the development, growth, and success of those businesses. Including, free offers, discounts, and  payment options.

   What truly has set us apart from our competitors and has proven to be a key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the growing market, is the level of service and dedication our clients receive.

   We work closely with our clients to provide quality professional services and support they expect but, on a personal level. We know time is valuable and business is costly.  If our clients have a problem,  call - we pick up the phone, email - we reply quickly to fix the problem no matter how long it takes. There is no support tickets, no redirects, no waiting,  no hassles, and no charge for most support


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